Fernando Pérez González

+25 years of academic research.

Business entrepreneur. Technology transfer expert.

Tech mentor.

Orchid enthusiast.

Fernando Pérez González

Transformational Leader PhD

David Vázquez Padín

+10 years innovative research.

Project leader.

LEGO & origami fan.

Lifelong learner.

David Vázquez Padín

Chief Operations Officer PhD

Pedro Comesaña Alfaro

+15 years of international rewarded academic achievements.

Institutional Public Relations.

Running as a way of living.

Pedro Comesaña Alfaro

Cybersecurity & Institutions Director PhD

Miguel  Carbonell Valín

20 years of international experience.

Partner search, licensing, joint ventures, greenfield ventures.

Knowledge & tech transfer focus.

Passionate about networking and sports.

Miguel Carbonell Valín

Managing Director

Miguel Masciopinto Frende

+10 years competing in science and sports.

Jack of all trades professional approach.

Tech and team integrator.

Open source passionate.

Miguel Masciopinto Frende

Technology integrator coordinator

Pablo Manuel Pérez Miguélez

Solution provider personality.

Junior researcher.

Creative musician.

Pablo Manuel Pérez Miguélez

Telecommunication engineer

Lois Vázquez Costa

Business & research mathematician.

Machine learning contributor.

Tennis lover.

Lois Vázquez Costa

Machine Learning specialist


Collaborative research center.

Business integrator.

Focus on developing people’s capabilities.


Networking platform


After more than 25 years in the research “business”, we are perfectly aware that what works in academic papers has still a long way to market deployment. Real-world products must be real-time, cost-effective, scalable and reliable. We know how to walk that way, because we have learned it the hard way: by spinning out and starting up several companies with mixed successes and failures. But we are proud that our endeavors currently employ more than 200 world-class engineers. AIDFORK is our new adventure which reflects our desire to contribute to a better digital society by reinstating trust in multimedia. To this end, we follow the methodology that we have mastered and sharpened all this time: build good statistical models grounded on as much theory as it exists, fine-tune them with extensive experimentation, and optimize them. We do this with unfettered passion and rigor. The technologies that support AIDFORK, entirely developed following this methodology, position us as world leaders in tampering detection tools.

Building trust is essential in our products. Forensic and forgery detection tools must be accompanied with reliability indicators that aid customers and partners in establishing confidence and robustness levels for their target applications. This is made possible by our rigorous statistical approach that straightforwardly leads to likelihood measures and constitutes one of AIDFORK’s differential features. Adaptivity and scalability are also directly achieved through our characteristic approach. Thus, even though we don’t shy away from artificial intelligence for fine tuning, our tools are naturally intelligent.


Business for us is synonym to exchange. On this fully-connected world, we don’t just sell products and innovation, we exchange experiences and know-how. 

We care about partnering. That’s why we’re open to talk. Our narrative is simple: if you care about multimedia integrity and forensics, we have great tools to aid you in developing new products and solutions. Tools that are easy to integrate, scalable, accurate and rigorous.  

We thrive on cooperation; let’s grow together!


Integration is in our blood. We not only integrate our own perspectives and backgrounds, but blend them with our partners’ needs and solutions. We do so by providing tools that allow for a fully automated processing and output very rich data whenever alarms are fired. An example is our heat maps that highlight the areas of an image that have been forged and provide information on the likelihood that each pixel has been tampered with. Thus, when our tools are integrated in our partners’ platforms, they carry with them their remarkable accuracy and credibility. 

At the software level, AIDFORK solutions are designed to enable a highly configurable integration: starting from a straightforward software integration through a REST API for batch processing, to a more tailored integration through a standalone application with a graphical interface that facilitates the visual interpretation of each solution outcome. In both cases, our solutions rely upon a modular system that can be easily customized to satisfy each partner needs.


We have a continuous innovation cycle that begins by listening to market needs and converts them into challenges to our developers. Our products are always evolving, adding new features, improving their accuracy… with one final objective: restore trust in multimedia. Our statistical signal processing background guarantees that we can make the best of your data. Tell us what is your need and we’ll deliver an extremely innovative solution to integrate in your platform that will help you take the market lead.