Ideas born at the University should be full of passion, rigor and innovative focus. Our methodology was born with those core characteristics.

Our adventure started committing to scientific research more than 25 years ago. This happened at the then newly born University of Vigo and came with a strong sense of purpose to technology transfer. Building on our solid background in statistical signal processing we have pursued excellence in our research. This has taken us to collaborate in many international projects, start up companies, and create technology centers, all revolving around our internationally-recognized expertise. 

Our out-of-the-box-thinking approach to problem-solving has secured us more than 15 international patents granted, and continues to produce highly innovative, cutting-edge solutions. Our methodology is showcased by our groundbreaking contributions to image and video forensics that aid global players to tell apart fake from real.

We have helped to build an ecosystem that includes academic prodigies and  top-notch knowledge centers. We are part of the atlanTTic research center which thrusts the University of Vigo to be ranked among the top 200 world universities in Telecommunications, and top 300 in Electrical Engineering (Shanghai Ranking). And thanks to our frequent collaborations with technology centers and companies, we ensure that the products of our research are down-to-earth.  

In our digital society, images and videos have become the reality. But this reality is being challenged by affordable image editing software. Tools are thus needed to reinstate trust in digital contents by automatically detecting forgeries.  Our approach to tampering detection hinges on the advanced statistical analysis of invisible image footprints that allows us to pinpoint inconsistencies with a very fine granularity. Our methods outperform the state of the art in detecting forgeries for a much wider range of practical scenarios. 





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