14 February 2020 | Announcements

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

a challenge was born: restore trust in multimedia.

When I first met the AidFork team, it was hard to assess the extent of such a significant statement.

The period 2009-2019 included changes and crisis: 10 years of digital transformation. Many of today’s narratives lack of credibility –not to mention their supporting image and/or video contents– which makes us think: is this the digital transformation we want?

Many decision-makers of all industries are concerned about multimedia integrity and authenticity. AidFork’s purpose is to aid companies achieve a competitive advantage based on reliable data.

Building trustful relations in a complex world requires verifiable data analysis. In order to help restore trust in multimedia, we may resort to trendy tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, our statistical signal processing background led us to develop intelligent tools with a distinctive feature: explainability (an essential characteristic in multiple application fields) offering reliability indicators to certify the credibility of our analyses. Here is where AidFork plays a relevant role.

Thinking on SaaS businesses leading the digital transformation, the use of AidFork solutions will strengthen their data management. Our solutions have been created envisaging a B2B framework, providing adaptable workflow tools that are easy to integrate with other software products. AidFork offers flexible and scalable tools that are measurable by our partners: trust and ROI at your hand.

When hired by AidFork leading team, I was asked about the reasons to enroll:

“It is about increasing capabilities and transforming knowledge into real solutions, searching for excellence on a collective thinking platform. It brings me the sense of contributing to create networks by taking veracity as our cornerstone.”

Summing up: new faces for new challenges. 10 years of credible Aid force: that’s AidFork.

Miguel Carbonell Valín

Managing director of AidFork, with 20 years of international experience in sales, marketing, and business development.

Focused on knowledge and technology transfer, Miguel is also passionate about networking and sports.

Contact him through LinkedIn